About Us

Emerge Knowledge Connection Sdn Bhd (Emergekc) is an innovative and energetic training provider and conference organiser registered with the Ministry of Finance (MOF), e-Perolehan and Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) . We offer management training, public programme, bespoke training consultancy (in-house training programme) and professional development services.

We believe that people are inclined to express their individuality through the manner and nature of their work and that they are motivated by achievement and recognition even as they seek to meet a more fundamental need to survive. We are here to work as an endeavor to create the right environment and conditions that empower individuals to discover and develop competence, pursue worthy accomplishments, achieve greater performance and experience success.

Our team of dedicated people constantly conduct research to keep abreast with the latest methodology of skill training, developments and trends in order to enhance the quality of our public training programmes to meet the ever changing training needs of our clients. As for the bespoke in-house training programme, we spend time to communicate and understand our clients’ training and development needs/ requirements and listen intently to their ultimate objectives before we match these to the experiences and skills of our selected training consultants whom are the subject matter experts. We will then offer our client a customised and professional training consultancy service.

Our trainers comprise a group of qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals and experts with proven individual track records in relevant fields whilst our management and staff have had many years of experience in the training and development industry. Meantime, our management team have vast experiences in conceptualising, planning and managing national and international conferences, conventions, summit and exhibitions.


  • To be a leading training and development provider that offers comprehensive human capital development solutions for the government and corporate bodies in the region.


  • To offer quality, comprehensive, effective training and consulting services which will assist individuals and organisations to optimise their potentials to achieve greatest performance and deliver expected results.
  • To develop the right training strategy to equip the human capital with necessary skills and competencies to become successful in today's competitive environment.
  • To create business networking and lifelong learning platforms for the participants.